The medical team

Our work in Africa continues to evolve thanks to the benevolent contributions of many skilled professionals.

For the surgical missions the core team is made up of:

  • Three specialized pediatric surgeons (and one resident)
  • Two specialized pediatric anesthesiologists
  • One specialized pediatric nurse
  • One specialized surgical nurse
  • One specialized anesthesia nurse

Every 1 to 3 years other specialists are included according to the patients’ needs:

  • An occupational therapist
    – who follows up the rehabilitation of children with limb malformations and burn victims
  • A speech therapist
    -who follows the progress of language acquisition in children after surgery for cleft palate.
  • Psychologists
    – who provide screening and support to children with congenital malformations and their families


Dr Anthony de Buys Roessingh (specialist in pediatric plastic surgery CHUV) heads the surgical team, organizing missions in terms of surgical equipment and personnel, in coordination with Dr Raymond Bossou in Benin.

Dr Pascal Ramseyer (specialist in pediatric urological surgery Hopital de Rennaz), Dr Oumama El Ezzi ( pediatric plastic surgeon CHUV) provide expertise in their respective fields.

All provide surgical training to local surgeons during the missions. A resident in the department of pediatric surgery (CHUV) assists the specialists in their consultations and surgery.

When needed, other specialists participate in the missions such as Dr Martin Broome (cranio-facial surgeon CHUV).


Dr Mirko Dolci, pediatric anesthesiologist at the CHUV is responsible for the equipment and personnel involved in the missions. He has acquired three monitors to assure safety in the operating room. The two mechanical ventilating machines acquired in 2013 and 2014 (thanks to the financial support of Celine Vicario (SQO) member of the direction of the CHUV) continue to function not only during the missions but are used by the local team trained by Dr Dolci. This equipment and personnel training provides care to children year round.

Nursing care

Isabelle Buttet, pediatric nurse (ICS Hopital de Rennaz) has provided nursing guidance in many sectors of the program over the past decade of surgical missions, from the pre-op consultations operating room to post-operative care.

Christelle Jung, coordinating nurse (CHUV) for the care of children born with a cleft lip or palate and children having suffered severe burns is in charge of training local nurses. The transfer of specialized nursing competence is critical to the favorable long-term outcome of pediatric surgery.

Celine Dufour, occupational therapist (CHUV) provides short and long-term follow-up of children born with congenital malformation of the limbs and children whose severe burns have necessitated skin grafts. With a Beninese physiotherapist splints and mobilization programs are established to ensure maximum benefit from the surgery.

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